Internet Auto Sales = 3 pronged attack

The Internet requires a three pronged attack
Over 90% of your business is coming in from the web in some fashion. You think you may hire a service to address this so that you can better handle this avenue.

I have news for you. If the service you are hiring does not address all three aspects of how to efficiently attack the issue of Internet, you are leaving a great deal of money on the table that could be added to your bottom line.

Here are the Three prongs:

1. Process within the dealership for handling the traffic generated from the Internet
2. The generation of traffic from the Internet
3. Presentation of product that increases your conversion rate of views-to-inquiries

First off, you have to have some sort of process that takes the leads and works them, not just for the immediate buyer, but for the longer term shopper.

Second, you need to produce these leads in the most cost effective way possible so that you are not paying large sums of money for these leads.

Finally, if your product isn’t presented in an intelligent, compeling way, you are not going to covert the people who do see your product into an inquiry into that product.

No one company does all of these things well, cost effectively and comprehensively. You need to plug the right service/product into the right hole. The problem I have been seeing, is that most dealers are not even aware that there are Three prongs to this attack and they all have to be addressed to maximize your return on investment as well as your sanity. And what I mean by sanity, is that if you’ve gone gung-ho on one aspect, but haven’t successfully addressed the other two, you’ll be spinning your wheels in such a way that you will wish that the new paradigm never existed in the first place.

A note about Social Media as it relates to this: You by now are aware that hundreds of consultants and companies are now specializing in Social Media solutions.  This is a fairly new development and has most auto dealers falling in line, but if you read many of the hundreds and thousands of conversations going on each day regarding the Social Media issue(groups on LinkedIN, etc.), you will know that Social Media is only a portion of a ‘prong’.  It is for relationship building and not specifically for marketing in the sense that it will produce large quantities of leads.    Social Media, by it’s nature, is not a ‘prong’ unto itself.  Therefore, keep some perspective regarding this issue.


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