Internet dept. pay schedule and ‘Cherry-Picking’

Cherry picking leads that come over the internet are a direct result of the commission structure of the department. If the internet department handles all aspects of the sale (communication, test drive, delivery, etc.) then increased volume to the internet department will naturally result in increased cherry picking. Sharing commissions with assisting salesmen may sound like a solution, but the only tested and true way of minimizing the ‘cherry-picking’ syndrome is to encourage the participation of the salesforce by paying the internet department on volume generated from their department.

The more you think about this, the more logical it is. If you want to insure that there is proper follow-up on all internet leads, you don’t want to tie the hands of the internet department by putting a commission structure in place that leads to cherry-picking. You want to have a structure that encourages that each lead is handled in a timely manner.


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