Walk ups and your new ‘Front Door’

Over the past two months I have asked several dealers and have had agents ask several dealers “How many walk ups do you get a day? People who did not previously call or email, but just walked up?”

The answer ranged from 1 1/3 to 6 people per day.

The Next question was “How many salespeople do you have?”

Well, it seems that most dealers have 8 to 18 salespeople waiting on 1 1/3 to 6 people to walk up each day! Does this make any sense?

Your new “Front Door” has actually become your presence on the internet. 75% to 90% of every customer you see came in that door. So why would you have your salesmen manning the ‘point’ when all the potential sales are coming in a different door?

Many would argue, but I’m sticking with this premise: You have two obvious choices of how to run your sales staff.

1. You have an internet department that harvests the leads, communicates with them and then hands them off to the other salesmen for demos, deliveries, etc.

2. You turn your entire sales staff into an internet department.

I’ve gotten some flack on number 2 because I hear that many sales people don’t have the skills to communicate via email and phone to the new ‘Front Door’ customers. I say, either get a staff that can perform in this way, or create a process around number 1.


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