Training salespeople to address the other 60%

You paid for them, don’t throw them away!
You can and must train your salespeople a process for handling and engaging ‘be-backs’.

Your dealership spent good money on the prospect via, website, web advertising (AutoTrader, etc.), signage, other advertising, brick and morter, etc. That potential customer came to you from some source that you paid for. If you face reality that 60% of the people who contact a dealer either by phone, email or dropping in will not buy a car that month, but will buy one in the near future, you have to have some process to address this or you will always be running 60% behind where you potentially could be.
This also applies to your salesmen. They will never get out of the rut they are in because they will always only be addressing the other 40%.

You have a CRM? Great. Does it have scheduling? Does it get used each and everytime someone touches your dealership? Probably not. More directly, certainly NOT.

“If I don’t get them now, someone else will get them”. Maybe true, but a good process for engaging these shoppers is what training is all about. There are several methods to stack the deck in your favor for someone who is planning on buying in a couple of months as opposed to this week. Your salesmen need to know how to do these things. This is what training is really about, teaching car salesmen to become professional businessmen. This also means you have to treat them as such while you are cultivating them. You’ll be amazed what people can learn if what they learn is absolutely in their best interest.


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