Registration Data was not what we thought it was

when the privacy laws prohibited use of RDRs and Registration data for marketing purposes, dealers and marketing companies were in a tizzy because they thought they had lost their silver bullet in conquest marketing. That turned out NOT to be the case. It caused several ‘in the market’ models to be created based on current ownership, but time has shown that JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE OWNS A CERTAIN YEAR/MAKE/MODEL is no indication that they are going to buy anything.

The only way to use direct marketing as a tool to effectively get in front of people who are looking to buy is to have data that tracks behavior. A person’s behavior is the only indicator as to what they may end up doing. Modeling never approached better than a 2-4% lift (see blogs on ‘lift’).

As long as behavioral data can successfully be compiled, these are the ‘good old days’.

A little knowledge can be dangerous. A full understanding of the situation can be the difference between spending yourself into oblivion and staying in business.


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