Mentoring the Sales Force = Business Partnership

My recent blog on training the sales force to address the other 60% has been read 20 times more than any other blog written on this site.
In keeping with that theme, internal mentoring is one road to creating a professional business partnership relationship with your sales force as well as your other employees that touch the customer. This process needs to be done internally in order to become part of the culture of your business. It can be coached and trained from an outside entity, but it needs to be internally generated on a daily basis for it to become obvious that it is ‘in each person’s best interest’ to continue on this path.

The reason that your sales force has problems addressing 60% of the potential customers that you paid for with signage, advertising, reputation and other aspects of your marketing efforts, is that they only know how to address their immediate self-interest by focusing on the 40% who might buy this week. Cultivating the shopper doesn’t register to them as ‘in their best interest’.

By using a mentoring program, it becomes more evident that the ‘self interest’ of the sales person can be met with an example of success derived from a more professional approach.

More on this as we go forward.


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