How a Customer views your inventory

Which of these statements most reflects reality?

I’m interested in buying a car from your dealership, what do you have?


I’m interested in a late-model (Charger, Altima, F150), I saw that you have one.

The more eyes that inspect your inventory, the more potential customers. This statement applies mostly to the used car portion of your business, but it has some truth in the new car end as well. Why do you think that over 90% of car buyers use the internet at some phase of their search? Is it because they like to look at the clever things that dealers say about themselves? Hardly. They are looking around for merchandise that they might want to buy.

If you are old school, you still value the walk in ‘up’ more than the eyes that are viewing you electronically. This is foolish. You’ll never be able to handle the number of ‘lookers’ on your lot as well as you could on the web.

There are several arguments both for and against posting your new car inventory on the web, but an accurate display of your used car inventory goes beyond question. Does a supermarket keep a good variety of their wares out of sight of the public? Or, do they make sure that their inventory is properly and completely represented in plain sight?

Two more thoughts: 

  1. The presentation of the merchandise is important.  Do you have some clever thing to say about that particular vehicle? 
  2. Also, ‘searchable text’ on UTube videos.  I know that many dealers are now do videos of their used inventory to get more personal about their cars.  Script it and embed the script into the video.  This way the search engines can actually find the vehicle based on the many words in the script.  Search Engines cannot search audio.

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