Moving the Needle #2

Since there are only a certain number of buyers in any given market at any given time, the trick has always been to get a relevant message in front of those people at the correct time and to do it in a fashion where those people in longer buying cycles receive that message several times during their cycle. 

The most expensive way of insuring that you do this is to flood the airwaves (TV and Radio) with your dealership’s message at all times to make sure you are covered.  This is why this method is called ‘broadcasting’.  In order to do this in a less expensive fashion, you are now challenged to perform ‘narrow-casting’.  But, ‘narrow-casting’ requires either knowledge of reliable data sources or guessing. 

Guessing gives the appearance of being less expensive, but, in the long run, can also be more expensive because it doesn’t always hit the right people.  The logical way to go here, is to have reliable data sources of hand raisers and a delivery system that gets in front of them regularly while they are in their buying cycle.  The data source needs to be constantly renewed so that those who have bought (or are no longer looking) are removed from the target data and those who have entered the buying cycle replace them on the target lists.

Once you do accomplish a consistent method of marketing to buyers, you have addressed the opportunity pillar of the equation (see blog ‘moving the needle #1).  Your next step is the capacity pillar which includes your ability to convert opportunities, your physical capacity at the dealership, your inventory and your processes in place and how they are implemented.  If you are going to move the needle, you want to move it and hold it.  Each time you lose the ground that you have gained, the blow to your organization can be psychological as well as financial.


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  1. Federico says:

    This is a good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.

    Short but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!


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