The Service Drive is Sales Heaven

Let’s get the numbers straight.

Your best salespeople see maybe 2 to 4 ups per day that could buy a car, your service writers see 5 to 20 times that number.  Where are your real opportunities each day?

Where else in the dealership does the opportunity to touch that many people in one day exist?  No place.  Certainly not on your sales floor.  On the phone and on the internet, you may have numbers similar to those in the service department daily, but you don’t have the opportunity to see them face to face like you do in the service department.

Training your salesmen to know who is coming in for service and what they drive is an opportunity to set up a future (or immediate) sale and acquisition of a desirable trade-in.

Training your salespeople to meet and greet the service drive customers and arrange for their ride to work as well as coffee is another way of setting up future business for the dealership.  Make sure your team all have business cards.

The major point here is that your sales team needs to be ambassadors for your dealership.  People need a reason to do business with a dealership.  The main reason they will opt to do business with you is that they want to do business with you.

When I say training, I mean that your sales force needs to know what to say and how to act…and more specifically, what NOT to say and how NOT to act.


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