Observing the Successful?

Many group discussions on Dealerelite and Automotive Digital Marketing are going on right now about the value of observing the successful.  Here is the problem with simply observing the successful in the Automotive sales arena; Style and technique of the successful do not usually stand up to imitation.

It is the processes that are repeatable, not the style and the technique.  Good technique, when observed, does not lend itself to the observer being able to perform the same technique unless they understand the methodology behind it. Additionally, style is created from the individual.  Copied style more than often is perceived to be cartoonish by the customer.

This is where mentoring really comes into play.  This process must be done gradually so that the methodology behind the processes are ingrained in those being mentored.  This applies not only to how customers are handled, but how community business prospecting and other, more creative, prospecting is done.

For your sales staff to become professional business partners, the expectations that management puts on them, also needs to be adjusted going forward.  It’s like what we see in society when expectations are lowered, most people only rise to the lower level set for them.


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