The Concepts behind Efficiency for Auto Dealerships and Buy-In

Over the past two months the Dealerite Blog has introduced and discussed some core concepts.  Each of these concepts address running a dealership efficiently and in a manner that promotes staff longevity.  Since people do things proactively on a consistent basis only when it is in their best interest, I will also address the concept of ‘Buy-In’, one more concept to add to the mix.

Here are the concepts thus far covered along with a link to a key blog(s) regarding:

And now, a break down of a new concept:

Conformity and how it relates to Buy-In:

Asking your staff to conform to meaningless standards and asking for Buy-In is a recipe for a non-engaged staff going through the motions.

Having observed hundreds of successful and unsuccessful dealerships and other businesses as well as running a few businesses myself, I can tell you that people need to know WHY they are asked to do something and that the REASONING needs to be solid and in line with their self interests.  Asking for Buy-In has to be reserved for well thought out occasions.

If you do no have very good and well thought out reasons for the WHY, you had better reassess your decision to ask people to conform.

Reserving the decision to ask for conformity and Buy-In is what good management is all about.  You pick your spots and have solid reasoning behind those spots.  This builds your staff’s confidence in your leadership.  This also creates an environment that is conducive to Buy-In.

The Big Things vs. the Little Things

A case against Micro Management:  It’s the BIG things.  You have heard that it is the little things, but I’m going to go against the old adage and tell you it’s the BIG things…especially when it comes to Buy-In.  The little things will fall into place once the BIG picture is thoroughly understood and reasoned out for your staff.  It’s the BIG things that matter to people in the long run.  The little things don’t have to conform to any particular standard as long as the BIG things are being addressed with the ultimate goal in site. 

You need to pick your battles carefully.  Too many battles, the objective becomes a fuzzy conglomeration.  You will lose Buy In.  You will be asking for conformity where it is absolutely NOT NECESSARY.

Now, a whole bunch of little things could add up to a big thing.  They could prevent your staff member to get to the objective that is desired by both you and the staff member.   This is where you step in and explain WHY their approach is not getting them where they want to end up. 

Again, reasoned and well thought out coaching as to WHY is critical for proper understanding and Buy-In.  In many cases, a few little things don’t amount to more than just a few little things.

Confused yet?  Don’t be.  Just think about this concept for a while and you’ll start to see how it applies to the people who work around you.  When you want to correct a little thing that someone does, wait and see how the collection of little things affect the outcome.  You’ll find that in many cases, the BIG picture is still being addressed by this staff member, only in a personalized way.  You only need to step in when the objective is not being achieved and show that person why their approach is not getting them to where they want and need to go.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  Let’s say you own a dealership and you decide that you want all of your sales staff to dress alike (uniform, so to speak).  You need to have a strong case as to why this is one of the battles you have selected.  Let’s say you decide that you would rather have a sales staff that concentrates on Professionalism and Listening to the customer.  You want the salesperson to be viewed by the customer as a professional problem solver.  As a result, you elect to NOT ask the sales people to dress alike.  On the contrary, you want them to all look like complete individual professionals.  Again, have strong cases for the conformity you ask for and you will have strong, compelling reasons for Buy-In.



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