Oh Boy, that was a ‘lay-down’!

Let’s call a retail environment a ‘retail environment’.

That is exactly what a dealership is, although they train their salespeople as if they were working in a ‘bucket shop’.  If you don’t know what a ‘bucket shop’ is, ask someone who has done high-ticket, high-pressure phone sales. Or go rent the movie ‘Glengarry, Glen Ross‘.  These are the salespeople who have a right to get excited about a ‘lay-down’ because they just don’t present themselves that often…especially when you are calling them, not the other way around.

Do your salesmen rely on finding people (prospecting) for 99% of their sales and then have  to convince those people that they want to buy a car? NO. The vast majority of your sales come from people who have an interest in buying a car and they find your dealership either through an ad, signage, referral, whatever.  They approach your dealership by phone, walk-up or email because they want or need to buy a car.  And, furthermore, when a customer calls your dealership because they are inquiring about a specific car that they saw advertised, this is truly a ‘lay-down’. So why do we train our salespeople to screw it up by ‘taking control’ when all the person wants is their questions answered?

You tell me.   Most training regarding how to handle a phone-up is GARBAGE, not to mention RUDE and ALIENATING.  But, I digress.

Car salespeople and those who train them are living in a manufactured bizarro world.  They operate as if they are finding the prospects themselves and then trying to turn them into buyers.  They are no.  They are in possession of a product that a portion of the population (about .5% during any given month) will be purchasing because they either want to or need to.

Yet, when salesmen actually say the things that they are trained to say, it only gets worse.  When sales managers, dealers and other brass at a dealership get to experience the exact ‘methods’ that they are dishing out to the public, they are appalled.  They insist that this is not what they are training…but it is!  That’s the ridiculous fact behind the matter.  Of, course there are exceptions.  There are a small number of dealerships out there that actually act like they are a professional retail environment and train their salespeople accordingly.


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One Response to Oh Boy, that was a ‘lay-down’!

  1. Steve says:

    If I go to or call the dealership I am looking to buy a vehicle. As a customer, all I want is a salesman/ woman that can answer my questions on features, price, options, financing and availability. If I get a high pressure or rude salesman, I am going down the street to the next dealership.


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