Auto Sales Meeting Subjects – The Big 3

Despite what you may think, the Automobile Dealership is a Retail Environment.  Customers come to you for something they want.  You did not pick them out of a phone book.  With this in mind, it’s time to start acting like one.

Objective here is for sales people and Sales managers to roll play with each other during a sales meeting with the subject below:

What do your customers Hear?

What do your customers hear? You’ve been told by other salesmen and by management to say certain things that are supposed to work with customers. What do your customers really hear when you say these things? Are they hearing a salesman trying to control the situation and turn it into money in their pocket?
Do yourselves a favor and roll-play at your sales meetings with a concentration of ‘what does the customer really hear when we say what we say’. Once you have established this, you can alter the way you say it and what you say to have the customer hear what you really want them to hear.

Would our ‘process work on us?

Would I respond positively to what our sales process is? Let’s be realistic, if you or your sales manager wouldn’t respond positively to the way you are selling, then you should change the way you are doing it. Take it one step farther; would you like your mother to be treated the way you are treating customers in the sales process?

Who’s doing the answering?

The customer calls you on the phone regarding a vehicle. They have questions. It’s time we practice making sure the customer is asking most of the questions and we are answering them. Why is this important? If we do most of the asking and they do most of the answering, they will feel like they are being sold rather than ‘buying’. If you are recording phone calls, this is what you should be listening for.


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13 Responses to Auto Sales Meeting Subjects – The Big 3

  1. An autonomous reply to email and receipt of inbound sales call should be equally able to be expected as the greeting of a walk in client. That said the training on call handling is important as is monitoring, but exchanging information for information while focusing on what the client is actually saying and not what we are supposed to be looking for is the only way to build an on-call rapport that will increase showroom traffic.


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