The follow-up call made easy…and natural

You have salesman who get on the phone to follow-up on people who have:

  1. Come in to look at a vehicle
  2. Recently sent an inquiry over email
  3. Made a phone inquiry

Do you want to know why many sales people have a problem making an effective follow up call?  It’s because they are torn between the honesty of just finding out if they can sell the person a car and trying to make it sound like a courtesy call.  As a result, you have sales people reluctant to make the call because it creates internal discourse.  Oh yeah, poor baby.  That’s really not the way to look at it. Remember, you want people to do things for their own benefit that, in turn, benefits of the organization.  Removing inner conflict is an important path in oiling the machinery so that the mutual benefit train can get out of the station.

First off, each sales meeting should be about the importance of ‘opportunity’ and how each inquiry or walk-in or phone up IS an opportunity.  Once total buy-in has occurred as to the importance of the ‘opportunity’, the appreciation of that opportunity needs to be honestly conveyed to the potential customer.

Let’s work through this script:
“Hello Mr. Smith, this is George Wally from Central Ford.  As I am sure you are aware, dealerships make follow up calls to potential customers. That’s what this is, a follow up call.” here we have made the first part address the inner conflict of the salesperson by giving a totally honest statement to the potential customer and at the same time putting both parties at ease with the admission that you are doing what is normally expected in the car business; making a follow-up call.

“I realize that you are the only one who knows what they want, desire or need in a vehicle purchase and that you shouldn’t be swayed too much by anyone trying to sell you that next purchase.   But, what I really want to say to you is how much the dealership and myself appreciate the opportunity to possibly earn your business.” What we’ve done here is point out who is really is in control of this kind of decision; the buyer.  We have made it clear who really is the boss.  The potential customer has just been re-assured of the position he/she knows they want to be in.  So far all we have done is state honestly why we are making the call:  This is a follow-up, you make the decision AND we really appreciate the opportunity….period!

At this point you listen for any response and then close with “Please let me know how you prefer to be contacted from this point on.”

Four years ago I was talking to a military vet who had just started working in the car business.  He told me his biggest challenge was making the follow-up calls.  I gave him the formula above and met with him at a bar in Baton Rouge the following night.  He told me that it was one of the easiest things he had ever done.  He felt that there was NO inner conflict with any of the phone calls because he was diffusing it with the first statement.

Just wanted to share.


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4 Responses to The follow-up call made easy…and natural

  1. Bela says:

    i really like the topics you post here. thanks for sharing this information that is so helpful for us. good day.


  2. Jason Dowell says:

    Straight forward with advice–much appreciated. I believe it could work well for sales people in our department as they follow up with customers. It’s hard to do and do it with confidence and not be imposing.


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