Slugging it out in an economy that’s not going anywhere soon

Sandy may have been the perfect storm, but you ain’t seen nothin yet.

Countless businesses are reducing hours on employees so that those employees qualify as ‘part-time’, so to avoid the federal mandates for ‘health insurance’.  It is also becoming clear that many automobile dealerships are following suit with this strategy.

Now, let’s pile on the other obvious factors of the day: Increased tax burdens to ‘cover’ these part-timers under the new law along with the enormous amount of investment capital that is NOT going to be invested and therefore NOT create new businesses which in turn will NOT create new jobs!!! Will we look like Greece anytime soon? We have some time yet.  There is a tremendous amount of existing wealth in this country that needs to be destroyed before we get to the Greek standard.  It should take about 6 years on this course to make our first milestone; Spain.  The next one is Greece.

I can only hope that the same country that pushed us into this situation due to the votes of the profoundly ill-informed, will reverse course somewhere along the line before heading for Cuba-like depravity.

What to do until then?  Efficiency.  Efficiency in every aspect of the operation from advertising, purchasing of used cars, staffing and every other thing at your disposal.  Dealerships today have a great number of tools that are highly underutilized; your CRM, DMS, Inventory optimizing programs (VAuto, etc.), behavioral data marketing and AutoCount data are just some of those tools.  The companies that provide many of these services also provide support and training on these tools.  Take advantage of the support and training and make use of these tools that you have already paid for…or find a less expensive, less robust alternative.

Where training and support do not exist, get help with any knowledge gaps.  I, personally, have experience with behavioral data as well as AutoCount data formulations.  Let me know if I can help.


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4 Responses to Slugging it out in an economy that’s not going anywhere soon

  1. When shopping for auto shop management software, is it best to go with one that offers a trial plan before making a decision?


    • dealerite says:

      Since there is so much dissatisfaction with many software programs that are purchased by dealerships, a trial might be in order. When doing the trial, make sure that your staff actually will get support (training) on the software and that it offers features you will actually use.


  2. Jeanne says:

    This is just the pecfert answer for all of us


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