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Training auto sales people to evade questions is a very good way of pissing them off. So, how come most dealerships train their people to piss off potential customers. If you don’t think they do, then you haven’t been on the other end of most popular ‘processes’ for handling sales calls.

Tom Watson spent the last 30 years going into sales meetings and having the sales managers and sales people give them the elements of what they are supposed to do on the phone.  He then had them demonstrate it with a recorded call.  After listening to the recorded call in the meeting, he would then ask all present if the sales person followed the prescribed ‘process’.  When the answer came back as ‘yes’, he calmly asked them all if it would work on them.  Silence.

After the silence, the consensus was that, no, it would not work on them.

One of the most successful car salesman I know, always answers each and every question that a ‘phone up’ has.  He doesn’t offer additional information, he just answers the question.  When a question about price comes up on a new car, he simply gives the range of prices.  When the potential customer then asks about what their lowest price might be, he says that when the customer finds the exact car, they will bring in the invoice and work off of it.  When they ask about the price of a used car, he tells them what they are asking for it.  When the customer further gets into the lowest price question, he simply states that there are several factors that could lower that price if the customer decides they like the vehicle.

How simple is that?

If you don’t think this method has merit, you should see his average monthly check!

People don’t purposely call up a car dealership to be pissed off by evasive tactics, but that is what happens in the majority of cases.  Most sales training is a proponent of the sales person taking control.  A good rule of thumb is that if you take control, you are asking the questions instead of answering them.  People don’t call you to get asked questions.  They call to ask them.  A potential customer asking question are putting out ‘buying signals’.  This is what you call basic sales 101.  And, just as important, don’t answer the question with additional information that was NOT asked for.  All that does is confuse the issue and prevent the potential customer from asking to see the car.

You may not believe me, but 30 years of research on this subject has shown that when the proper process described above is used, the ratio of calls to sales increases 4 to 5 fold.


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