Your automotive customers are NOT really your customers…with a few exceptions

…and, I mean a few.

If you are fortunate enough to both understand and be using behavioral data to systematically market to a considerably more receptive audience, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you should ‘suppress’ households that are already in your DMS.  This is a foolish move for many reasons.  The main reason is that the vast majority of the households in your DMS are also in several other dealership’s DMS’s.  Another reason is, if people are ‘looking’ based on their behavior, they are receptive.  This is the time to approach them.  If you don’t approach them at this time, other will and you are less likely to be in the mix as far as the customer potential places of purchase is concerned.

Who are the ‘exceptions’?  You probably know them by name because you’ve seen them on a regular basis.  Are these people 2% or your DMS?  4%?…probably in that range unless you are an exceptional organization.  Do I have to restate my point?

Even people who have just recently purchased from you should not be ‘suppressed’ from a marketing list.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people from the same household purchase a vehicle a few days to a few weeks apart.  Note that I’m talking about households here.  Unless you do business in a retirement community, many households have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 people of driving age, and each of those people in the household do not live in a vacuum where they are immune from messages from other dealerships.

However, if you have bludgeoned your DMS to death, you are probably skittish about including them in marketing that is designed more for ‘conquest’ than retention.  In that case, stop bludgeoning your DMS.  You need to start being more judicious about how and when you contact people who have done business with you in the past.

Your marketing plan is simple – get your dealership message in front of the most receptive buyers/shoppers when they are the most receptive – when they are shopping and getting ready to buy.


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One Response to Your automotive customers are NOT really your customers…with a few exceptions

  1. Well put and mathematically correct. Excellent stuff, thank you.


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