What is a ‘Professional’ Environment? With addendum 10/14/13

Original Post followed by addendum:

The benefits to the employee, the customer and management in professional environment are evident in several aspects of the dealership.

Whether they know it or not, people who are in your sales force will rise to the occasion if the expectations on them are to perform in a professional manner along with being treated in the same manner by management.  Yes, there may be some exceptions, but humans with even below average intelligence have capacities well beyond what many of them think and what many managers think of them.

It’s like driving a car.  2,500 lbs of machinery to be navigated through thousands of others navigating their 2,500 lbs of machinery.  Since it is expected of each driver to perform under these circumstances, the vast majority of them do perform with acceptable results.

Just think of the fact that almost everyone (EVERYONE) of driving age is driving.

Performing a vehicle transaction in a professional manner is no more difficult a task.

It is just that the thought process behind the moment to moment decisions of what to do in the transaction have not been engrained into the ‘unprofessional’s’ skull in the same way that driving decisions are.  This is the challenge of creating a professional environment.

There are so many aspects that play into creating this environment.  To just name a few:

  • Actually listening to someone’s questions and finding cooperative solutions
  • Knowing that people buy from who they want to buy from and what makes that so
  • Knowing that people work for those they want to work for when they have a choice and what makes that so….for that individual as well as for people in general
  • How do you present ‘transparency’ in such a way that those being presented understand that is what it is and why it benefits them
  • Working under the knowledge that everything that happens proactively occurs as a result of INCENTIVE.

This is the basis for creating a professional environment, especially in the car sales world where customers are leery of dealerships and salespeople are constantly jumping ship.

Addendum:  What are Professional Sales? – The path to customer Loyalty!

These bullet points apply to all business-to-business sales, but should also apply to business to consumer sales such as auto dealerships.

In a professional environment, the professional sales person must adhere to the following tenants:

  • Complete understanding of the Product being sold
  • Ability to convey that understanding to the customer
  • The desire to have the customer understand what they are buying

The fine print on the above includes all aspects of both the product itself as well as the terms and conditions of the transaction.  This is where trust is created and this is where customer Loyalty begins.

If you are selling an inferior product or service – find a new company to work for.  The only way to be successful in a company with a crappy product is to lie, cover up, misrepresent and in general, promote an unprofessional environment.  This will lead to there being No Trust, No Loyalty and, eventually, No Company.  If that’s success, I’m Nancy Pelosi.


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