Average in this Business Stinks

Average is relative (that’s how average is calculated). Perhaps you’re a fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. If you are an average ‘fellow’, you’re probably heads and heals above the common man when it comes to your understanding of economics. However, in some businesses, average just doesn’t cut it.

In the world of Automotive sales, the public perception of the average salesperson is that they are irritating and overly-aggressive.  Yes, those are the standards for selling cars.  So, average in this business is a negative.

Perhaps you are a Dealer Principle, Sales managers, GM or anyone else who works in an auto dealership.  Now, let’s play the role of a car buyer: Let’s say you have done your research and you have decided that you are going to buy either a tricked out GMC Sierra or a tricked out Toyota Tundra.  Both vehicles meet your specs.  The question now is which one do you like driving the best?

So, you visit a GMC dealership and a Toyota dealership.  All you want to do is test drive the vehicles to see which one you prefer based on how they feel with you behind the wheel.

Now, what can the experience at each of these dealerships provide that will sway you one way or the other?  An average salesperson will do nothing to make you want their product, the average salesperson will only make you trend toward the other product.  Because, the average salesperson is both irritating and overly-aggressive.

Think about it.  You need a chance to experience which vehicle you like driving the most.  The average salesperson, because of their nature, can only add a negative to the experience.  Let’s list those negative qualities:  ‘selling’ questions, unnecessary questions, lack of knowledge about the other product, even lack of knowledge about the product they sell, inability to listen and answer, etc.

However, a salesperson who has excellent product knowledge about both the product they sell and the competitor, one who actually listens to what you have to say and answers the questions you might still have – that sales person can actually make the experience at least positive enough to not drive you to the competition.  They can’t make you like something you are driving a whole lot more than what you are actually experiencing behind the wheel, but they can at least not add negative feelings to the experience.

Don’t fool yourself, unless you are a magician, you can’t change how a person feels about the ‘feel’ of the drive.  But, as they say in medicine, ‘do no harm’.  That’s not a bad way to look at it.  It takes a myriad of impressions from marketing to get a person to actually come into your dealership.  DO NO HARM and you will actually sell more vehicles.

For those who want to research some of the steps in creating a professional environment, please see my blog on ‘what is a professional environment’.


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One Response to Average in this Business Stinks

  1. tim says:

    very nicely said i could not agree more!


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