PMA, Really? Put your best listener on the Line!

My shortest blog to date:

Subject 1: Primary Market Area is a ruse.  Often it is determined by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in an arbitrary manner based on a map.  When an analysis is done historically of a dealer’s DMS (Dealer Management System), there will be some correlation between the PMA and the dealer’s actual ‘footprint’, but only some! Sure, geography has its influence on a dealer’s footprint, but only to a certain degree. Before you buy into PMA, do an analysis of your sales and service customer’s geographic location and make a real PMA that actually means something.

Subject 2: Try putting your best listeners on the ‘phone front line’.  When I say ‘listeners’, I mean someone who actually hears what the caller is saying, digests it and can give satisfactory…NO…Excellent answers.  You want phone calls to turn into UPs?  Have the callers want to come by and see a car because someone actually listened to them.  You might as well give it a try, you can’t do worse than you’ve been doing.


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