Forget the Path to the Sale. That’s how you want to sell, not the customer

The ‘Path to the Buy’

Let’s flip the Path to the sale on it’s head. We’ll call it the Path to the Buy.  Why?  Because the ‘Path to the Sale’ is the way the dealership wants to sell cars.  The ‘Path to the Buy’ is the way people want to buy cars!

Let’s do this strictly from the consumer’s standpoint.  If we can facilitate the ‘Path to the Buy’, we can eliminate most of the anxiety and other contentious ‘stuff’ associated with the currently taught and practiced system.

The consumer starts to look at vehicles, mostly on the internet, prior to making any contact with a dealership.  Okay, we already facilitate most of this by having a website and inventory on our lots.  This part is already in place – our product is visible.  We have facilitated this phase of the buying cycle.

The ‘flip’ starts when the first contact is made.  Here is the first thing that should be said (or written) when the first contact is made: “Whether you end up buying from us or someone else, we are here to provide one thing; straight answers to your questions – what do you need to know? How can I help you?’  Then, answer the questions or find the answers to their questions and get back to them ASAP.  The only next question you ask after you have answered their questions is ‘Tell me what you want to do next and I’ll be happy to assist you’.  Then shut up.

This is the ‘flip’ We’re now asking the customer to direct us to the next step.  If the next step is ‘nothing at this time’?, you say, “i hope I have helped you in some small way – my name is John Brown, let me know if I can be of service to you in the future’.  You notice that the salesperson’s name is more effectively inserted in the interaction at a more appropriate time here.  Your name is not as important as getting to the customer’s questions, so you start with the questions and answers, not your name.

‘Nothing at this time’ is going to happen only a small percentage of the time. Most of the time, the customer will suggest a next step.  When they do, you arrange to facilitate that next step.  Once a customer feels they have ‘control’, you will notice a much easier path to the sale because it has now become a ‘Path to the Buy’!  They are buying, you are not selling, but you really are in a Judo fashion.  You keep making their next move so effortless that you are now a Zen master and they, without anxiety or resistance, move in the direction they want to move…and that direction is towards a purchase.  Or, at least a purchase in the near future – but only from you because this sense of well being is not going to be provided by your competition.  They only give the customer anxiety, you have provided the opposite.  You win by allowing them to win all through the first stages of the ‘buy’.

Sure, the actual final deal may not be exactly what they want, but they’re in such a state of well being that they will me much more amiable to making concessions on the deal side because now…everything is viewed as REASONABLE.

The ‘Path to the Buy’ is like Judo.  The ‘Path to the Sale’ is like mud wrestling with a pig.


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