You can’t control the demand for your Brand, but you can control the demand for what you sell.

Simple things a dealership can do to optimize their performance

1. Staff needs to learn how to answer questions

It starts with NOT alienating perspective customers.  Spend less time trying to control the customer and more time making the customer feel like they are in control. I know, the popular training says different, but 30 years of research contradicts popular training.  See

2. Have a ‘Chat Service’ on your website that is always available…and is HELPFUL.  I would recommend looking at

3. Use available sources of data (Auto Count,’s Star Report, etc.) to consistently review which used cars are in demand.  Don’t rely on instinct, the data is totally available to you.

4. Be systematic and consistent if you use direct marketing

  • Make sure all aspects of both Sales and Service RO’s are measured
  • Don’t rely on the anecdotal effects of traffic.  Traffic feels nice, but it’s a double edged sword (read previous blog )

5. Study actual market share using Auto Count or Cross Sell.  Don’t be fooled by ups or downs in the market. Market share is the only true indication of your performance.

6. Turn your parts department into a major profit center.  It doesn’t take that much effort to become a national parts distributor to the public.  see

7. Manage your Online reputation.  I recommend looking at

Your market share in your actual selling area (new and used) will improve.   You can’t control the demand for your brand, but you can control the demand for what you are selling!



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