It’s a War

All of the first volleys have been lobbed by Reynolds and Reynolds.

They are probably going to succeed in defeating at least a couple of companies whose business model is to extract a dealer’s data for various purposes (all legit, I might add).

Authenticom is one of the main targets because they dare to provide a service to dealers and vendors that doesn’t line the pockets of R&R.  They will probably be the first casualty in this war as R&R continuously disables Authenticom’s data access – even though the dealer has asked, requested and contracted Authenticom to do just that – extract their data!  They’re the grocery store in the neighborhood that refuses to pay for protection.

It’s like you hire a butler to take care of your house and he takes it upon himself to only allow your invited friends and family to enter your house if they pay the butler a large sum.  Once he does let them in, he will require that they continue to pay him.  And, if you try to fire this butler, he requires a larger sum to go away or he will take your house with him.  Can you say extortion?

It’s a war that eventually Reynolds and Reynolds will lose, but the cost to all who have contracted with them as well as all of their vendors, will be great.  By the time the enemy (R&R) is defeated, they will retire rich in defeat on some island in the South Pacific while the world they left behind picks up the pieces.  ADP (now CDK) anyone?


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2 Responses to It’s a War

  1. It’s no different with CDK. Authenticom’s connection software contravenes CDK’s 3PA policy.


    • dealerite says:

      You’re correct. CDK has taken the R&R road to keep dealers in the dark and convince them they are protecting them while actually just profiting off of the dealer’s data.


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