WHY do DMS providers limit historical data to 5 years?  There is a wealth of information that can be used with cleansed historical data well beyond 5 years.  For starters, the majority of people keep their cars for more than 5 years now-a-days, in case you haven’t noticed.

WHY do dealers measure success of marketing by ‘UPs”?  Tracking market share vs. dollars spent on advertising is infinitely more accurate and useful.  UP’s can be anyone, usually people who are looking for a freebie which takes time away from servicing serious buyers.

WHY do UCM’s not keep track of which cars are selling in their market?  Auto Count gives you registration data for any mile radius you want and it costs so little, it’s embarrassing.

WHY do you train your sales staff to take ‘control’ of prospects by answering their questions with questions?  It isn’t easy to hold gross with a pissed off prospect…if they buy from you at all.

WHY do dealers employ staffed sales events?

  • They cost money.
  • They cost reputation.
  • They cost market share on at least the next two months.
  • They alienate your sales staff.  But, maybe you don’t care if you alienate your sales staff because it’s always been a revolving door anyways.  Staffed sales events will guarantee that the door stays revolving.

WHY do dealers allow DMS providers to profit from the dealer’s data access to vendors and not even share the proceeds?  Oh, that’s right, they are ‘protecting’ it….


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