Does demand for your brand dictate your market performance?

Yes and No.

Yes, less demand for your brand means less of that brand sold in relationship to other brands in your market area.  That’s a given. I’ve seen this situation mitigated, however.

Your dealership can increase market share even when demand for your brand is down.

  • Gaining a bigger share of your brand against same brand dealers in your area
  • Gaining used car share: Your competitors here are more than just same brand competition, it’s all brands and Independents as well.

Doing both of the above will mitigate the downward trend and in some cases, reverse it.

How do you do that?  You can give cars away, but let’s not go down that road.  Or, you can systematically keep your marketing in front of the ever changing list of those most likely to buy.

Well, you have to know who those people are first and since that list of people keeps changing (albeit, slowly), you have to have something in place that continues to market to that ever-changing list of people.  (The data does exist, talk to me)

Will they all buy from you?  No.  Will they all buy from anybody?  No, interest in buying does not always ensure a purchase.  However, ‘most likely to buy’ is a hell of a lot better than ‘who knows what they’re up to’; which is what most direct marketing is about.

Look, seriously.  Marketing doesn’t necessarily cause people to buy.  But, continuous targeted direct marketing acts as a ‘tipping point’ or Accumulative effect of multiple exposures at opportune times.  And, doing it regularly, produces gains in your market share: More ‘tipping points’.

Picking up 8, 10, 14 or 20 additional sales each month with this approach makes all the difference, especially if demand for your brand is down.  If demand for your brand is up, you’ll be up even more!


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