Demand unrealistic results – The Ferguson Effect

The “Ferguson Effect” describes  a demand to stop proactive policing.  Once the Police pull back as a result of this demand, crime and murder rates soar. Those who demanded the end of proactive policing now demand a different outcome than what followed as a result of their demand.

Demanding a illogical result of your policy is not just for policing policies, it also occurs in Automobile dealerships.

Example one:  Your sales process demands that salespeople ask questions and not answer questions.  When the outcome is customers who don’t trust you and become adversarial, you demand that they also should enjoy buying from you and tell their friends, associates and family what a great place you are to do business.

Example two: You have no systematic and consistent approach to marketing and you demand that your ‘pot-shot’ approach produce systematic and  consistent results.

Example three:  You offer $10 gift cards for people to visit your dealership and then treat them like ‘mooches’ because very few of them come in and buy a car.  But then you demand that giving out $10 gift cards to come visit you produce more sales!  Hey, they got in their car, came to visit you in person and you’re pissed because only a couple of them bought cars? They came in their car.  They drive, their sister, co-workers, friends and mother drive.  Do you really want to make a bad impression on them by treating them like mooches?!!

Expecting magical results from you policies is very much in the vein of the ‘Ferguson Effect’.


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