Your TV audience (target) is shrinking fast!

If you advertise your auto dealership on Television, you are targeting a smaller and smaller portion of the consumer base.

First off, you are targeting people who watch local TV who don’t use a DVR. The people you are targeting exclude most millennial who don’t even watch TV using a cable or satellite. These people are watching shows on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. They are also starting to purchase vehicles in larger and larger numbers.

By advertising on television, your audience is not only shrinking at a heightened rate, but they are becoming less affluent as well. They are also becoming less young.

You could almost make the same case for radio, but there are a few factors that keep radio a viable medium for advertising your dealership. Radio has no DVR (yet). You are targeting people who don’t listen to the vast majority of their radio on satellite services (XM and Sirius). The good news is that most people who listen to XM radio also listen to local radio stations, so radio has a way to go before it becomes the dinosaur that television has become when it comes to marketing your dealership.

It’s time to put your ego on hold and think about better ways to spend your TV ad dollars. One thing is for sure, these dollars can be spent in a systematic, targeted and quantifiable way that allows you access to the much larger share of your intended audience that TV simply does not reach!


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