Attribution (or, TrueCar is the Mob)

The new ‘buzz word’ of the business? It’s a sham
Attribution has become the buzz word in the auto marketing world. TrueCar is the leading profit taker of this sham. A sham? Yes it is. Marketing is essentially continued exposure to a brand. That’s what it is. To ‘attribute’ one particular entity and one point in time as the ‘overwhelming tipping point’ is intellectual fallacy and a very bad joke; a bad joke and an expensive one in the case of TrueCar.
I may not have to explain this further, but I will because it may not be obvious to you. On second thought just read the first part of this blog 3 or 4 times and think about it. If you hid your dealership inside an airport hangar and removed all your signs and took down your website and all other advertising, then you could work with TrueCar and not be party to the sham. They have figured out a way to intercept the buyer and get in on the deal. When they say ‘this is how car buying was always meant to be’, they really mean that this is a great way for a third party to get in on the profit!
TrueCar figured out a way of grabbing your profit so that you wouldn’t have it to promote your brand. Instead, you get a thinner deal and help to promote them. We should all be hoping mad, but we’re used to this kind of thing on a much less aggressive scale ( and AutoTrader).
Other than that scenario, no dealer actually increased their market share or bottom line by working with TrueCar. It’s like the Mafia. You need TrueCar because all of your competitors are paying the protection money to them, so you have to as well.


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