The Mafia doesn’t advertise on Television…or do they?

The commercial goes: ‘This is how car buying was always meant to be’…we get a cut of all the deals…in most cases more than the salesman gets!

What’s the difference between True Car and lead providers such as or Auto Trader: The claim of attribution. and Auto Trader give exposure to your inventory and charge the dealer for the opportunity. True Car basically puts a brown suited guy in front of your dealership to intercept the customers, decide the price and then escorts the customer into the dealership for $600 for new and $400 for used. The ultimate middle man or racketeer, however you decide to look at it.

True Car attributes the sale to their presence like a scalper in front of the stadium on game day. But, unlike the scalper, they decide on a fair market price, make the stadium accept it and then have the stadium also pay them for the transaction.

A $400 or $600 finder’s fee goes to True Car which cuts into the profit of an already slimmed down gross. The scalper gets their profit from the customer; True Car gets it from the dealer. Sounds brilliant, but these people are not your friend, they’ve insinuated themselves into the transaction much like the Mafia does in a protection racket.

Does the Mafia attribute the business that the protected dry cleaner gets? They’d like to think so, I’m sure. True Car has done them one better – they’re legit, they advertise on Television!


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