Top 5 ways to understand market share and market performance

1. Control Group: Create consistent factors
Select realistic radius around your dealership
Use only Franchised dealer sales in that radius (if you are a franchised dealer)
Count both new and used vehicle sales in that radius
2. Measure with empirical data: Compare your new/used totals against the market on a monthly basis using method above (these numbers can be obtained through AutoCount)
3. Use statistically significant time periods: Select statistically significant period of time. 4 months period is more so than 3, 5 more so than 4 etc.
4. See how you really did against your market: Measure your initiatives over statistically significant period in terms of how you performed in your market (1 or 2 months does not qualify as statistically significant)
5. See how you compare with your brand’s performance: Measure and compare New car sales in the radius against the brand(s) you sell in the same way you measure you overall market share. Are you performing better, the same or worse than your brand(s) are performing?


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