No-Cost CRM (relevant) Marketing #1

Fact 1:  People who are in their buying cycle can take from 1 day to several months to finally pull the trigger.

Fact 2: If you have a CRM and actually use it to record every single in-person, e-lead and phone up, you already have the tools and the ammunition to successfully engage the shopper regardless of how long they take to buy.

If you are looking for a way to stay in front of each and every ‘up’ in your CRM, you have to do it in such a way as to be relevant, or you will be looked upon as irrelevant…or worse, as a nuisance.

There is one and only ONE thing all of the ‘ups’ in your CRM have in common; they all were looking at a vehicle that you were selling.  That’s it, ONE THING.  Let’s use that ONE THING in common to keep them engaged; your newly arrived inventory.

I’m sharing a very valuable idea with you for free.  How you schedule and present this is key.  And, you need to do it consistently.

Think of it this way.  You have more ‘be-backs’ than you have sales (unless you are some kind of unworldly sales machine).  Just about every one of those ‘be-backs’ do buy a car eventually, maybe not from you or maybe not even a brand you carry.  You shouldn’t worry about that part, there are plenty of them that eventually buy something you could offer them, you’re just not getting your potential share of their business.

When you do take on a system to relevantly and consistently engage the shopper, you’re not going to see immediate results.  How could you?  It’s not the nature of the beast.  That’s why consistency is ever so important.


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